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Jumping Spider Films
Jumping Spider Films
  • Q. How much deposit do we have to pay?

    A £500 deposit will secure the date and book our wedding videography team.

  • Q. Do you meet with us before the wedding?

    Our couples are based all over the UK and beyond so it is often very difficult to arrange a meeting. We tend to have either video calls or phone-calls with our couples unless they come to meet us at our office or in our local area.

  • Q. Some wedding videographers offer lower prices, what is the difference between a film that cost hundreds to a film that cost thousands?

    What goes into making a wedding video can differ drastically. We only use HD cameras to give you the best looking films available and always have at least two camera operators. We are highly respected professional TV editors that take time and care in editing our wedding videos. We feel that our prices are extremely reasonable when compared to our competitors; if you are being offered cheaper options then you are probably being offered a lower quality wedding video that will have less time spent on it and is made by individuals with less technical knowledge and experience.

  • Q. Your wedding video services seem perfect for our wedding, how do we book with you and what package should we go for?

    Please email or call us and we can start to discuss the type of film you want straight away with no obligation to book.

    We have created four wedding video packages to give an idea of the type of options that are available to you. It can be a bit overwhelming deciding what suits you so please contact us if you are unsure and we'll happilly talk you through the best options for your wedding video.

  • Q. Are there any hidden costs or do you charge extra for anything?

    We try and keep costs down as much as possible; we do however charge a small fee for weddings in Central London to cover costs of parking.

  • Q. We are getting married abroad; can you still make our wedding video?

    Yes. We would love to film more wedding videos abroad and are always on the look out for interested couples. Please contact us for further info.

  • Q. Will we constantly have cameras around? Some of our guests might not like being filmed?

    We are renowned for our discreet, unobtrusive and professional attitude. We use long zoom lenses to capture the atmosphere without getting in the way. All our couples comment on this.

  • Q. How long until we get the finished wedding video?

    It can take up to 16 weeks during peak periods, but we usually have it complete within 8-10 weeks of your wedding day.

  • Q. How much input can we have in filming style?

    As much as you want to give. It is your wedding day and we want to capture it in the way that reflects you. We are a highly adapatable team that can shoot in a number of different ways and can create a number of different wedding film looks. Just speak to us, let us know what you want and we'll work out how to do it.

  • Q. We'd like certain parts of the our wedding uncut, do you provide this service?

    We are experienced editors and all our couples are delighted with their final wedding video. Sometimes we have to cut down the speeches or cermony a little so that the wedding film we provide isn't 3 hours long. We do offer the service of providing the ceremony uncut and speeches uncut on separate DVD if you require. There is a small additional cost for this work, but if you let us know before the wedding film edit begins we are happy to advise you on the possibilities for your final wedding video and provide this uncut service free of charge.

  • Q. Do you direct us during the day? Do we have to pose for the cameras?

    With the rise of DSLR film-making and the ability for film-makers to purchase equipment to give a fantastic looking shot, there has also been a rise of wedding videographers 'staging' shots. These shots can look stunning but often mean the bride and groom having to act and perform takes on their wedding day for the videographer to get these 'money' shots. Our style is completely natural, we film things as they happen. Everything on our showreel is natural. Nothing is staged. We work alongside the photographer to get a lot of our 'couple shots'. Of course if you really want us to direct and get these staged shots for your wedding video, we are also happy to do that, but it does take time. To us, your wedding day is about you. Your wedding film is about you, your day, your friends, your family and everything that happens. That's what we capture and that's what goes into a Jumping Spider wedding video.

  • Q. What video cameras do you film on? Are they big?

    We usually shoot using Sony AS and FS cameras which are small cameras and vastly different in size from traditional video cameras. Some of our footage on our showreel and from older weddings is from the traditional HD video cameras which we no longer use. For some wedding videography and for some of our video production work we hire in kit when we need it.

  • Q. What equipment do you use of making your wedding videos?

    It all depends upon the package and the type of wedding video our couples are after. We have access to a range of equipment from glidetracks, sliders, steadicams, jibs, remote control helicopters, go-pro camera rigs, lights and more. It's always best to talk to us if you are unsure of the type of wedding video you want, you can have a large scale production or a smaller intimate production and your wedding video should reflect your day; after all every wedding is different and everyone has their own tastes.

  • Q. What are Guest Messages?

    Guest messages are messages left directly to the camera by the wedding guests. We usually film these in the evening of the wedding day and will use bits of the messages for the wedding video. We also supply our couples with the guest messages uncut.

    Read more about guest messages and our advice on how to get the best messages for your wedding video.

  • Q. How much is the drone footage?

    You can add drone footage to your wedding video package for £250. This will give you a handful of location shots from the air plus a shot of you and your guests during the reception (on request).


  • Q. Are you licensed to fly a drone?

    Yes. Our pilots are fully licensed to fly in the UK and are experienced at providing aerial footage for TV and for wedding videography amongst other things.

  • Q. What happens if you can't fly the drone on the day?

    We have always managed to squeeze it in so far but obviously it is weather permitting and if we can't fly it on the day we'll give you a full refund for the drone costs.

  • Q. Can we or our guests have a go with the drone?

    No. Don't be cheeky.

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