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Jumping Spider Films

Quality website videos made in the right way, by the right people can often be the best means of reaching your audience, be it for promotional, training or viral video purposes.

More businesses than ever before are building their websites around creative, innovative and engaging videos, highlighting their products and services clearly and concisely. Over 50% of all web traffic is now linked to video; it raises your website profile, increases your hit count and instantly creates a dynamic dialogue with your customers.

At Jumping Spider Films we can manage the whole creative process, from brainstorming ideas and generating a project identity to adding the finishing touches and uploading the final video product in the required format.

As experienced, multi-skilled, creative video professionals we script, produce, direct and edit and because of our unique, adaptable nature we can confidently offer a truly cost-effective, prestige video production service, whilst ensuring that we oversee each project first hand.  We have a pool of freelance animators and highly experienced camera operators to call upon when necessary and we are happy to take on video projects of any scope or size.

Take a look at some of our case studies which showcase the variety of work we do and for more information about our video production please say hello

Jumping Spider Films
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