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Healthy is Sexy

The Brief

Kate Greenwood was looking for a video production company to make quality videos for the launch of her new business and website Healthy is Sexy. Having approached a number of companies in the Bournemouth area about the possibility of making these video's she was impressed with our flexibility and our videos, specifically the Lime Wood Hotel video, which she adores. Our friendly approach and our ability to give her options when it came to our service and our prices set us apart from other video production companies and Kate was delighted with her final videos.

What We Did

Although we can offer a high-end service with a larger, experienced crew Kate's budget was limited as is often the case with small start up businesses. With this in mind we decided that Jumping Spider director Matt King alone would take on this video project, taking on the whole process from pre-production to post-production. Being multi-skilled at Jumping Spider does have many benefits and saved Kate a great deal of money. Of course sacrifices do have to be made and although Matt was able to work both cameras and sound, whilst directing, there were aspects of the video production process that were left out; such as multiple cameras and elaborate lighting set-ups. Kate was fully aware of this and put a great amount of trust in our ability to work around time and budget limitations.

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