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So what do we mean by a creative film? Well really, anything goes! We’ve had clients approach us regarding all sorts of ideas, anything from personal projects – fun film shorts or viral videos – to filming a family event or shooting a music video. We don’t like to say no and so at Jumping Spider Films we’d like to think the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

We get a wide variety of clients approaching us about films that are perhaps a little more creative and fun that the usual. They can be personal projects, promotional viral films, fun short films, music videos or event films. It kind of means anything goes.

You may like to make monthly videocasts or a funny viral film that you hope to use as a marketing tool. You may be having a large family gathering and would like the day filmed and edited by professionals. You might like a music video made for your up and coming band but need help coming up with ideas and creating a quality video. We are full of ideas and are always happy to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of our clients.

If you have an idea or you want us to help you come up with something fun and interesting for whatever the project then contact us and we'll talk it through.

Have a look at our case studies and contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

Jumping Spider Films
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