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Davis Gregory - Cheltenham Solicitors

The Brief

Gloucestershire based solicitors Davis Gregory approached us about making a video to promote their business services. As a leading solicitors in Cheltenham is was important to them that they achieved a high-end looking film on a relatively small budget. Struggling to find a quality video production company in Gloucestershire they were eventually introduced to us by Sozo web design. After a successful meeting and pitch from us Davis Gregory hired Jumping Spider Films to make the video.

Creating a watchable video about a solicitors is never an easy job. In this case it was made harder by the fact that the offices in Davis Gregory were not the prettiest. With this in mind we used every attractive looking bookcase, picture and location within the offices to ensure the video looked  good and the offices looked more attractive than perhaps they actually were. We also used close-ups to give the impression of a busy, vibrant workplace.

To improve the video production values we used a track and dolly to create movement and visual interest. We took one member of the team to a couple of businesses to take the film out of the office and into businesses on other locations; this gave us more options for the video and again helps keep the viewers interest. We felt this was key not only for the visuals but also to give a sense of how Davis Gregory work and the relationship they have with other Gloucestershire based businesses.

Davis Gregory, the Cheltenham Solicitors, were delighted with the final video and we will be making more videos with them in the future.

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