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Why didn’t we hire a wedding videographer?!  A Bride’s biggest, big day, regret!
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Why didn’t we hire a wedding videographer?! A Bride’s biggest, big day, regret!

I literally spent hours, maybe even days, pouring over bridal magazines, leafing through the wedding pages, carefully cutting out any ‘arty’ shots I knew I just had to get the wedding photographer to take:- bedazzled shoes on the bed, veil draped ethereally over the back of my gown, our little bridesmaid’s hand in mine and it only took six minutes (that’s the length of the Jumping Spider Films wedding videography show reel) – and what turned out to be ‘too little too late’ as we’d already gone and gotten ourselves married – to realise that I should have spent that time and energy sourcing a proper wedding videographer, a mate with an iPad just won’t cut it!

You only have to Google it, as I did, to see that one of a Bride’s biggest, wedding day regrets (and to be fair, my only regret which in itself shows what a whopper it was!) is not to have had a proper creative and professional wedding videographer on board.  I thought I had all of the wonderful reminders and mementoes of my wedding I would ever need and want, the dress, all wrapped up and packed away for… for what exactly?  The photo album, sat on the shelf, still and lifeless, something we (and I mostly mean me) will occasionally open and flick through as we happen to dust around the books and photo-frames beside it… full of all the little snapshots that a discreet, talented wedding video crew would have been able to package perfectly into a beautifully bespoke wedding film just as well!

Yet as the old anniversary rolls around each year and we plop ourselves down on the sofa, stuffed and sentimental, home from our obligatory posh restaurant dinner out, I would love to be able to pop the wedding DVD in the player and watch a quality wedding video of our day, remembering it in moving, musical living colour all over again; the surprise speech I thought my husband would be too nervous to make (so much so, the Bride had one planned as did our six year old daughter), the hilarious, Butlins’ Bluecoat style party games our guests played during the reception (that yes, did include someone whipping their top off!) and our first dance which ended with my dad wrapping his arms around me as I dissolved into a fit of happy tears.  Instead all I have is a slow, static, slightly blurry, inaudible tape punctuated by long periods of silence or interrupted by people walking (and even worse, STANDING) in front of the lens; a friend of a friend rooted in the same spot for most of the day, awkwardly babysitting a tripod!

It may have been said, just once or twice, that I can be a little over-emotional at times but nevertheless watching some of the wedding videos Jumping Spider Films have shot and produced – of people I don’t know, whose friends and family I’ve never met – had me blubbing from the start; not only weeping because I wish I had something just like it but because the happiest day of their lives was captured so splendidly and edited so flawlessly, that it is a wedding film them and their loved ones will remember – and are sure to actually watch and relive – over and over again.

Stacy x

Stacy is the newest member of the Jumping Spider team. She's our blogger, PR and social networking guru and resident foodie.

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