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The Top 5 Wedding Video Guests Messages from 2012
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Top 5 Wedding Guest Messages

Every year we film hundreds of guest messages for our couples wedding videos. Some are great, some are not so great. Here's our Top 5 wedding guest messages from 2012. Not all of them chosen for there quality...

Number 5

Groups of men leaving guests messages at weddings  usually deliver one of two things; either they sit down and can't think of a word to say or they go back to their default setting and think funny (or abusive depending upon your taste.) By the time we've set up for video recording of messages, guests have usually had a bevie or 2 and are often a touch jovial. Generally we don't offer any advice or ask any specific questions as we would like a genuine message for our couples wedding video, after all we'll only use the best parts of the message for the final wedding film anyway. Sometimes we include with the final wedding film a separate chapter of uncut guest messages, which our couples absolutely love watching back. Number 5, which was shot at Phil and Harriet's wedding at the Queens Hotel in Cheltenham, will never be seen or heard in full by anyone other than Alexis who edited the wedding video. You can see by the other men's reactions that there is a line and the speaker has just dived head first straight over it. This is the only guest message that has had to be censored, and although this footage was used in the final wedding video the un-censored version has never seen the light of day.

Number 4                                                                         

The best guest messages we usually see are from couples who are completely comfortable in front of the camera. They haven't had too much to drink and have a clear idea of what they would like to say to the happy couple. Number 4 is one that fits perfectly in the fun sections of one of our wedding videos. Although it may be an old joke and it's not a direct message to the couple, it is delivered well and clearly and is light-hearted with a sprinkling of fun. I think this message reflects the relationship this couple have with the bride and groom. The bride and groom, Zoe and Ben, are also a very relaxed, fun and funny couple who were keen from the start to have guests messages on their wedding day. I have to say that of all the wedding films we have made, their group of friends left the best messages of all and could have easily filled all 5 places in this chart. The wedding was shot at Ramster Hall in Surrey and I reckon Ben and Zoe have watched the guest messages more times than they have watched their own wedding video...

Number 3

Although there is no real message in number 3 I've included it because it highlights how shockingly bad a group of men attempting to leave a message can be. I do believe they planned to perhaps attempt to sing a song, but failed miserably and when they finally thought of something to say to the camera, it was pretty useless. Encouragement and guidance from us didn't help and they sunk miserably. This was the only part that made Louise and Jon's final wedding video.  Probably not one of the best guest messages but amusing in its failure.

Number 2

We never ask our couples to come and leave their own message, after all they're leaving a message for themselves, but you'd be surprised at how many come over to us looking to sit down for 5 minutes and say a word to the camera. This message from Charlotte and Gary's wedding at Clearwell Castle was left by the couple towards the end of the evening. They came into the quite room we'd set up for the guest messages and just spent 10 minutes talking to each other about their wedding day. It was a lovely moment and I think they enjoyed being away from the guests and being in each other's company for a short time. This was just a short part of their message that made it into the wedding video and one of the sweetest guest messages that we have recorded.

Number 1

Now I know this one may be a strange choice but I like it. Once again it's a couple leaving a message and I really love the planet metaphor the guest used; it was different, unexpected, funny, quirky and had meaning.  It was also the perfect length for a guest message and worked well within the wedding video.


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