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Marryoke… Definitely not just ‘too good to be true-oo-oo’

Our first wedding marryoke of the year is fast approaching and on January 31st we'll be directing a very willing couple and their wedding guests to lip sync like the best of them at the Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury deep in the Cotswolds....

Her:      You’re just too good to be true-oo.  Can’t take my eyes off you-oo.  You feel like heaven to touch, I          wanna hold you so-o much.  At long last love has arrived and I thank God I’m a-live, you’re just too   good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you…

Him:     Pardon the wa-ay that I st-are, there’s nothing else to comp-are, the sight of you leaves me weak,   there are no words left to speak but if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it’s real.  You’re just too good to be true-oo.  Can’t take my eyes off you-oo. 

Annndddd… *Air trumpets* Da dah, da dah, dah dah da dah, Da dah dah, da dah, dahhhhhh!

Okay, okay, you get it and if you haven’t launched into a loud and obnoxious singalong by now, well there’s always one of you out there that just can’t be helped, however, for those of you that have (and are still parping away to an imaginary brass band!) the good news is that a Marryoke style wedding video could be just the wacky, off-beat accent to your big wedding day that you’ve been searching for!

Derived from the Japanese word Karaoke, meaning empty orchestra, your own personal Marryoke wedding video is a fun, frivolous and fabulous short music video which films you and your guests lip-synching along to your choice of top-tapping, air-instrument playing, cheesy wedding melody. 

So what are the perfect ingredients when becoming an instant Marryoke pop video star?  Well, getting married is a great start, the clue is in the name, however if you’re really after a music video all of your very own, pop on over to the Creative page of our website, we can still make that happen!  You’ll need to pick a great tune, something where the lyrics are already deeply embedded within everybody’s brains – that way your guests can really focus on their sparkling performances – and yep, we’ve just said it, you’re going to need to get your guests on board.  Something we can chop up into neat verses and rousing choruses is a good shout, something with both a male and female vocal always works well and generally the more up-tempo tunes are preferable to a ballad but we can get on board early and help you with that all-important selection.  We start by preparing a well-considered production plan, sprinkle on a dash of creativity, stir in some technical wizardry and bake in the edit suite.  The end result?  The perfect accompaniment to a beautiful wedding video but still sweet enough to be enjoyed all on its own, get in touch today to discuss how we can make a Marryoke video work for you!

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