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Liz & Will's wedding in Kent by Jumping Spider Films
Jumping Spider Films
Liz & Will's wedding in Kent by Jumping Spider Films

Liz & Will - A wedding video shot in Kent

Will and Liz's wedding was strangely, after 5 years of wedding videography, our first in Kent. It took place at the beautiful and tranquil Turkey Mill in Maidstone; a place not too far from where I grew up. The day was full of familiar faces as we'd created wedding videos for a number of other couples at the wedding; most of them now being either pregnant or post-pregnancy...

It has reached that point for us as wedding videographers, as much of our business is through word of mouth and recommendation we quite often bump into our previous couples at weddings. We've progressed from the newly-married reminiscing about their wedding video with us: now we just talk babies.

I'm not an overly sentimental person, nor that emotional. Toy Story 3 did nothing for me. There is, however, something very unique and personal about creating a wedding video.  The wedding day is a huge milestone in a couple's relationship. It's a day they'll talk about together for the rest of their lives, and a day that will be a curiosity to not only their children but to their grandchildren and for generations beyond. The wedding video will no doubt be played and watched on numerous occasions for many years, and whenever we talk to our couples or are trying to encourage people to get their wedding day filmed we always talk about how their children will love to be able to watch the day their parents got married. It's something we always talk about with our couples who are now well on their way to extending the family.

Anyway back to Liz, Will, Kent and the Turkey Mill. The day began with filming at Liz's parents house in Maidstone. It was incredibly relaxed and at this point there were no real signs of nerves. It was when Liz arrived at the Turkey Mill that the occasion finally got to her. Whilst reciting her lines with the registrar Liz  became emotional - thankfully Alexis was on the spot to capture it and it's a lovely moment in the wedding video. With the sun shining at this point  in the day the ceremony went beautifully. I was able to dart out and film the bride's party walking over the Orangery bridge towards the ceremony room before sneaking in a back door and quickly getting in position to film the ceremony.

The rain did come down eventually and it was a huge task attempting to get some couple shots without getting drenched. Still working quickly with the photographer we managed to get a few shots of Liz and Will in the grounds of the Turkey Mill Orangery. The scenery is absolutely stunning at the Orangery it's just a real shame it rained for this part of the day. The rest of the wedding day went smoothly and we were able to get some good fun shots of the guests mingling and dancing, which was one of the key reasons Will and Liz wanted us to film their wedding video.

Liz and Will were absolutely delighted with the creative wedding video we made them and hopefully we'll see them with a bump at one of their friends weddings in the not too distant future...

You can check out some video grabs from there wedding below or contact us if you would like to view the wedding video or wedding video highlights.


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