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Wedding Videography Showreel by Jumping Spider Films
Jumping Spider Films

Jumping Spider Films have a new Weddings Showreel… do you have two minutes?

"It takes two-oo baby, it takes two-oo baby, to make a dream come true, me and you!" ...and whether it's Marvin Gaye who's crooning about making a dream come true or DJ E-Z Rock who's rapping about trying to make a thing go right, as well as we guess, making it outta sight, most importantly it really does only take two (minutes that is!) to watch our brand new, all singing, all dancing, Jumping Spider Films' Wedding Videography Showreel...

Matt's been buried in the edit suite these last few weeks, combing over the best of the best in terms of our wedding videography footage - beautiful location shots, emotional bride and groom preparation, sentimental wedding vows, those oh-so-special first kisses and all of the immaculate details our couples work so hard to include; gorgeous flowers, fancy cake toppers, chic little place settings as well as vintage cars and even the odd London bus!   Along with capturing our elegant newlyweds, the dazzling smiles, the warm embraces and yep, we just can't get enough of more and more kisses, this short and super sweet  wedding film montage really emphasises everything that's truly special about a Jumping Spider Films Wedding Video.
So go on, kettle on, stir in two sugars and why not grab yourself a 'couple' of biscuits, and in just - you got it - two short minutes, you can have a real look-see at the final cut of our gorgeous wedding videography showreel, truly showcasing what Jumping Spider Films does best!
If you or someone you know is getting married or you're a venue, supplier or weddings specialist, why not get in touch today and ask us how we can help with an upcoming big day and you never know, that wedding might just make it onto the very next reel we dream up!

You can also view our wedding videography showreel on our YouTube  channel

The music in the video was created by friend of Jumping Spider Dave Skelton. If you'd like to hear more of his stuff or would like to get in touch with Dave contact us and we'll send you in the right direction.

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