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Abbie & Richards wedding video at Berkeley Castle
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A Wedding Video at Berkeley Castle

Abbie and Richard's wedding took place at the majestic Berkeley Castle, in Gloucestershire. They chose the Clarke Gable package for their wedding video as they wanted the guests to be involved in the video as much as possible and wanted their wedding day covered in full by us.

Richard was a natural in-front of the camera, more so than any groom we've had in a long time. He embraced the lead role and performed throughout the day in often very amusing circumstances. The beginning of their wedding video, which starts with the preparation for the day, is full of audio snippets from Richard and his friends to camera. It works brilliantly and intercut with Abbie getting ready at a tranquil cottage in the Cotswolds it really builds up the nervous excitement before Abbie's arrival at the church.

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional. Abbie bursting in to tears at the end was a lovely moment and we captured it wonderfully for their wedding video. The church at Berkeley is at the entrance to the castle so thankfully for us (it was a very hot day) and the wedding party it was a small walk up to the castle where the guests were greeted by drinks and canapés.

The Wedding breakfast room, as always at Berkeley Castle, looked stunning and we sent 3rd cameraman Mark to pick up some lovely tracking shots of the room - something we don't always have time for when it's just a 2 camera person wedding package. The speeches were good, and striked a great balance between being funny and thoughtful.  Again having 3 camera persons enabled us to get some brilliant close-ups and wider shots of the speeches for the wedding video.

The evening was when the wedding really came to life and the atmosphere became relaxed. The guests left some fantastic messages to camera and the photo shoot with Abbie and Richard was good fun to capture on video. Most of the guests had grown comfortable with us wedding videographers filming by the evening and we had some real showboating from them in front of the camera, which helped make the end of the wedding video really good fun.

Abbie and Richard were absolutely delighted with their final wedding video package. We supplied them with a wedding highlights video, a 40 minute film, the guest messages uncut and the speeches uncut. A truly comprehensive wedding video memento of the wedding day.

The start of the wedding highlights video is a shot of Berkeley Castle using our fully licensed and insured Drone. Please contact us if you would like aerial shots for your wedding video.

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