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1 Camera, 2 Camera, 3 Camera, 4.

We know it's a complicated process hunting for a wedding videographer and when you do find one you like you're faced with many different options and packages. If you're not sure what type of wedding video you'd like it can be a touch overwhelming. So we've broken down and explained what everything means in simple terms. Of course the easiest option is to give us a call and let us help you decide, but we hope this helps anyway. Please always remember that our wedding video service is completely bespoke and the packages we offer on our website are just examples. Our wedding videos are always tailored to our couples requirements.

This blog details the differences between having 2 camera persons to having 3 or more.

Firstly as a rule at Jumping Spider we do not shoot with just 1 camera person. Shooting with one camera person will give you a very different product than we offer.  So let's start at 2 camera persons...

On our website we suggest a number of packages; The Cary Grant & The Humphrey Bogart are both shot by 2 camera persons. Shooting with 2 camera persons enables us to be in 2 places at once. So if you would like something similar to either of these packages here's how we'd work as a two camera team.

  • At the start of the day 1 of us will be filming the bride or groom preparation whilst the other camera person will be at the location of the ceremony filming the venue and guests arriving.
  • During the wedding ceremony having two camera operators enables us to film multiple angles and provides greater flexibility when editing the wedding video.
  • After the ceremony is completed various things may happen; for example the couple may head off for a photo shoot. Having two camera operators enables one of us to follow the couple whilst the other camera person can pack up our stuff and follow the wedding crowd - capturing moments the couple wouldn't usually see on their wedding day.
  • During the reception having two camera operators enables greater coverage; we can shoot the wedding breakfast room details, the guests mingling, and the photo shoot. A single camera person would struggle to cover so much in such a short time before the meal begins.
  • During the speeches not only are we able to film the speaker but with two camera operators we can also shoot the reactions and emotions of others. It enables us to shoot wide and close-up shots.
  • During the first dance having two camera operators enables us to film not only different angles but at different speeds if appropriate. One of us, for example, may shoot the dance sequence in slow motion.

So what's the big differences with having 3 or more camera persons filming your wedding day?

Well quite a lot and the difference to the final wedding video is significant. We suggest 3 or more camera persons in our larger packages the Clarke Gable & the Swayze. Here's a breakdown as to why having more than 2 camera persons is so different.

  • At the start of the day it enables us to be in 3 places at once. So we can film bride AND groom preparation at different locations and also guests arriving for the wedding ceremony.
  • During the wedding ceremony it allows the 3rd camera person to shoot more elaborate shots such as time-lapse, a track and dolly shot or a steadicam shot.
  • During the wedding reception having a 3rd camera person not only allows us to shoot more footage it again affords us more time to film some elaborate shots of the wedding breakfast room or reception location. For example whilst two camera persons are shooting in a typical fashion the 3rd could be filming an elaborate crane shot or using our drone for a stunning aerial shot.
  • Although we can shoot guest messages with just 2 of us filming having a 3rd camera person to film the guest messages frees us up to film more of the evening entertainment. Having a 3rd camera person greatly increases the number of guest messages we can capture for the wedding video.
  • Having 4 or more camera persons increases the quality of everything. The production values soar and the quality of wedding video will be extremely high. The video will have multiple angles on the ceremony, speeches and the whold day and eloborate shots will be more frequent. We may in some cases also use the 4th camera person to film the day in a specific style especially for a unique wedding highlights film such as a Super 8 style.

So that's it, 2 can do a magnificent job alone but 3 or more camera persons can offer you even more. Whatever you choose though, the wedding video we create will always be tailored to your tastes and of course your budget.

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