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Unique wedding video at Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire.
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Aynhoe Park Oxfordshire wedding video | Lia + Simon

At most wedding venues we really wish we had more time to spend filming the location, the details and the venue itself. An extra day would be good just for this. When you film at Aynhoe Park, however, you really wish you had an extra week, or month in fact. As it was we had an extra hour or two and it was no-where near enough time to film the real glory of this unique wedding venue. Lia and Simon's wedding at Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire was a real highlight of 2013 and their wedding video was certainly very different from the norm.

When Lia and Simon approached us about filming their wedding day it was because they loved our unique wedding videography style. They loved the off-beat wedding animations and the effects we put onto our films and they loved the way we edit them. They wanted something different. They came to us open to ideas and suggestions and were really keen to avoid the traditional wedding video. Simon was keen to concentrate more on the venue, the preparation, guests and wedding suppliers,  and Lia liked our animations and our Super 8 wedding video effects. This was all music to our ears and creating bespoke wedding films like this was one of the reason why Jumping Spider began.

We came up with a concept of breaking the film into 3 parts that would flow smoothly but would be very different in look. Part one of the wedding video would begin with stunning shots of Aynhoe Park and the unique taxidermy and details inside, and would bring in time-lapse shots of the venue being prepared and guests  arriving. It would then move into the ceremony before breaking into Part 2 at the climax of the ceremony.

Part 2 would begin with some animations of the end of the ceremony and animations of key family members before moving onto guests drinking champagne and moving into the wedding breakfast room. Part 3 would start with shots of the wedding breakfast area, food being prepared, a few snippets from the speeches and finishing with some of the Jewish dancing. Simon and Lia were pleased with the concept and intrigued to see the final outcome.

Filming on the day was pretty hectic. Three Jumping Spiders were there on the day, capturing as much as possible within the short space of time before the wedding ceremony began. As mentioned at the start we would have loved more time to get some really great shots from around the venue but we did pretty well in the time we had. Before the wedding day had began we had managed to get external jib and tracking shots, internal tracking shots, close-ups of the taxidermy, time-lapse shots of the ceremony hall being prepared, the cake being put together and guests arriving. All had gone to plan.

The ceremony would prove to be exceedingly difficult to film. Thankfully and thanks to venue coordinator  John at Anyhoe Park we managed to rig up a GOPRO camera up in the ceiling of the ceremony room. We would then basically stand wherever there was space! Thankfully I managed to get in right at the front and shoot over the shoulder of the Rabbi leading the service; closer than we would usually like but it meant getting some great shots of Lia walking down the aisle. The Go PRO gave us a lovely wide of the room and the extra 2 cameramen gave some nice although limited coverage of the service.

After the stress of the ceremony the rest of the day flew by and the food prep, speeches and dancing were all captured without any hitches. The final wedding video is almost exactly as we had planned but as with all our wedding videos we just wish we had more time on the day!

The film on this page is a cut-down version of the full length film. If you'd like to see more please contact us and we'd be happy to show you.



Aynhoe Park  is a Cotswold Private House and an unusual wedding venue.

Jumping Spider are based in Gloucestershire, nr  the Cotswolds and are an unusual wedding videographer.

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