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The wedding video of Laura & Rob at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
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Berkeley Castle Gloucestershire Wedding Video | Laura + Rob

Once again Jumping Spider headed to Berkeley Castle to film another glorious wedding at this stunning Gloucestershire venue. This time it was the turn of the beautiful Laura and ruggedly handsome Rob whose day will be remembered as a day of random showers, spectacular details and errr...guest messages involving a handful of guests backsides.

Rob and Laura booked our increasingly popular Clarke Gable package for their wedding video, which meant 3 of us filming on the day. Laura's bride prep was as peaceful and tranquil as I have ever come across as a wedding videographer. Laura was a picture of calm and her family and bridesmaids were the same. Although we did manage to capture a break in the calm when Rob's gift arrived for Laura....

Rob's preparation was also very relaxed with only a mere smidgen of anxiety creeping in when he and his bestmen started getting kitted out for the day ahead. We captured a nice moment on the wedding video, ..."steady as she goes" said Rob when asked if he was feeling the nerves.

At Berkeley, Mark sent up the drone to get some great aerial shots of the castle and we had a little bit of time to shoot some nice detail shots and some tracking shots of the spectacular ceremony room, some of which made it into the wedding highlights film. There were some really exceptional details and I'm no expert but I thought the design and details at Rob and Laura's wedding was some of the best I've seen in 2014.

The rain came down shortly before the ceremony but thankfully stopped before Laura's arrival. The ceremony went off on time and without a hitch and filming a ceremony for a wedding video at Berkeley castle is bliss. We had so much space to pick 3 excellent spots and even rigged up a 4th camera on a the balcony overlooking the room. It was pretty much the prefect wedding videography set-up and makes a huge difference to how we can edit the wedding video and specifically the ceremony.

Couples often ask what do you need a 3rd camera person for, Laura and Rob's day was a perfect example of why 3 makes a difference. During the drinks reception it enabled us to be in 3 places at once, giving us so much more coverage for the wedding video. I spent time with the photographer Martin, filming some intimate moments between the couple, Alexis spent some time with the guests as they went on a tour around Berkeley Castle and Mark was able to capture the details in the wedding breakfast room and film some of the set-up. With just the 2 of us some of these moments would have been missed.

The rest of the day, the speeches, guest messages and first dance all ran so smoothly for us as wedding videographers and that's not only testament to the location and the wedding party but also to the brilliant and spacious Berkeley Castle and that's why it's one of our favourite wedding venues.

You can check out Laura and Rob's wedding video highlights on our You-Tube account. Remember to watch it in HD1080 for best quality.



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