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The wedding video of Jodie & Simon at The Matara in the Cotswolds.
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Matara Kingscote Barn wedding video in cotswolds | Jodie + Simon

Jodie and Simon's wedding took place at the very unique and stunning Matara at Kingscote Park, Gloucestershire; a picturesque wedding venue in the Cotswolds. Like many of our couples Jodie and Simon were Londoners who decided that they would like to get married outside of the city and in the deep of the Cotswolds. The Matara had just the right blend of scenic beauty and space for their day.

Jodie was keen on our wedding  video package The Humphrey Bogart, but as they were both getting ready at the Matara I suggested that we spend a little time filming both the bride and groom prep. As is often the case when couples get ready at the same venue we can provided this filming at no extra cost. Alexis was out of action for this wedding due to an operation to help his carpal tunnel syndrome so it was up to one of our regular jumping spider crew Mark to fill his boots.

As the ceremony and much of the day  took place outside it was heavily dependent on the weather holding out and thankfully it did. As experienced wedding videographers we always have a plan of action for the day so when we arrived it was a case of myself heading off to film the bride and groom preparations and leaving Mark to film some lovely details of the venue and of the wedding guests arriving.

The ceremony itself was extremely difficult to film from the front as limited space and wooden frames obscured much of the couple. Thankfully we had a beautiful shot from over the pond which enabled us to get a stunning wide shot and with our zoom lenses some beautiful mid shots of the vows. The wedding ceremony itself was very emotional and being able to capture those emotions on video gives you a real sense of satisfaction as you know the couple are going to be so pleased  that they decide to have the day filmed.

The rest of the wedding day went without a hitch for us and I assume for the couple. Walking through fields and filming people hanging ribbons on a wishing tree and planting a symbolic tree was a bit of a change. We recorded some fantastic footage of friends and family  the wedding day and enjoying doing something a little different.

Once again we were working alongside Robin from Bullit photography. When you work with Robin at some point during the day you know he's going to grab the couple and drag them somewhere stunning to get some unique photos. It was no different this time around. The man seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Robin has filmed at the Matara on numerous occasions and took Jodie and Simon, and me to get some beautiful sunset shots. You have to move fast as a wedding videographer most the time and with Robin you have to be on the ball to be able to capture the moments before he moves onto the next photograph setup. Thankfully I was pleased with the outcome and Jodie and Simon were also very pleased with the outcome of the final wedding film.


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