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Hampshire wedding video, Hayling Island
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Hayling Island, Hampshire Wedding Video | Fran + Ollie

Ollie and Fran’s wedding in Hayling Island, Hampshire was full of laughter and colour. It was a joyful and fun wedding day to be part of. From the colourful bouquets and table decorations, to the coconut shy and batmobile, it was a quirky wedding not only to witness but to film as well. The aerial shots are also some of the best wedding drone shots I think we’ve ever captured.

The jumping spider wedding videography team of Mark, Marcus and Paul captured this day as Matt was off filming another wedding on the same day in the Cotswolds. Fran and Ollie went for a bespoke wedding video package that included a bit of bride prep coverage and a bit of groom prep coverage so Mark spent part of the morning with Fran before heading off to capture the crucial 10 minutes of Ollie getting the final parts of his attire on. Marcus and Paul meanwhile were off getting those beautiful scenic shots you can see in the wedding highlights video.

I love the aerial shots of the church as guests are arriving to the ceremony. I’m pretty sure there are not many wedding videographers that can get such high quality wedding drone shots. They really are stunning.  Mark and Marcus shot the ceremony in our traditional non-obtrusive wedding video style, and captured all the moments perfectly. Fran and Ollie also managed to nail the vows and the wedding ceremony went without hiccups. Which is always a bonus.

It was after the wedding ceremony began that the real fun started, and it was at this point that the wedding video team really needed to be on their toes. Fran and Ollie headed off from the church in some sort of bat vehicle, which of course we wanted to capture. Then they were to jump on a boat. Now this is where having multiple wedding videographers makes an enormous difference. As there were 3 jumping spiders it enabled us to be ready in 3 locations. Mark captured the bat mobile leaving. Paul, up in the drone, captured the couple on the boat and Marcus headed off to captured the couple arriving by boat. The videographers were prepped and ready and captured every moment brilliantly. You can see that sequence in the highlights film but in the wedding feature film you can see even more of those stunning shots.

The wedding reception was great fun to film with lots of kids, music and games enabling lots of action shots for the team to capture. I particularly enjoyed seeing the many failures of men unable to knock the coconuts off there perches and again the stunning aerials of the marquee and guests mingling. For the wedding videography team the rest of the day went without a hitch and Ollie and Fran were absolutely delighted with the final wedding videos.

We film a lot of weddings in the Hampshire area but Hayling Island was a first. Our wedding videography team is split between the Cotswolds and Hampshire and we cover the whole of the UK and beyond.

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