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Chrysso & Vojin's wedding video at the Gallivant, East Sussex by Jumping Spider Films
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The Gallivant Hotel Sussex wedding video | Chrysso + Vojin

Many years ago I shot my first ever wedding in Rye, Kent. It was good friends wedding and I shot the wedding day on a Mini-DV camcorder and edited it on £30 editing software on a very old PC. This was my first taste of wedding videography and I didn't consider it as a career until years later; however the enjoyment of filming, editing and giving someone such a memorable gift must have stayed with me as I eventually came back for more. What a joy it was then to be back on the pebble roads of Rye to film Chrysso and Vojin's wedding some 8 years later...

From the minute I spoke to Vojin I knew this wedding was going to be fantastic. He loved our wedding videography work but just as importantly he loved our website and the names of our example packages. We hit it off straight away and it was great day to film. Chrysso's prep took place at the George Inn, Rye and her gaggle of bridesmaids were brilliant at making me feel welcome. I'm just glad I'm not Greek Cypriot - I may have been interrogated to within an inch of my life. Chrysso was not only a stunning bride but also a great laugh and a bit of a Harry Potter geek which made for some great moments.

Alexis spent the morning filming Vojin and his grooms party who were possibly the most relaxed bunch of lads you could ever ask to film. There were some brilliant slow motion moments captured for the wedding video. Unfortunately we can't fit the entire day into our wedding highlights video but let's just say Vojin has a very intimate relationships with some of his grooms party.

Once we'd captured the wedding prep it was if to The Gallivant Hotel in East Sussex just down the road from the prep. The Gallivant is an exceptional wedding and event venue - one of our favourites and the fact that you can cross the road to the beach makes it all the better. The ceremony was short , sweet and emotional and it was soon off to the beach for a drink and photoshoot. Sadly gale force winds prevented serious time being spent on the beach and everyone was soon heading for shelter in the warmth of  The Gallivant where the outstanding speeches would blow everyone away.

Vojin and Chrysso's wedding video highlights was a tough one to cut. There was so much great footage and the speeches were full of laugh out loud moments. It was a real pleasure to film their wedding day and the Gallivant scores some serious points with us for location, friendliness of staff and for an all round good feel.

You can check out Vojin and Chrysso's wedding video below or on our You-Tube channel.

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