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Mr & Mrs Unique - Unique wedding videography

At Jumping Spider we often get asked if we'd like to advertise on various wedding blogs and wedding directories. Generally we turn them down for various reasons but when Mr & Mrs Unique approached us about being on there site we said yes. Why? Because when Erica from Mr & Mrs phoned us she sold us on the concept of her quirky site and was so passionate about our wedding videos that it was very hard to say no.

Mr and Mrs Unique promotes all things unique in the wedding industry; They promote wedding suppliers that are a little different from the norm. The site is limited to a handful of companies and Erica works hard to promote the businesses. We believed Jumping Spider Films fitted the unique wedding supplier mould perfectly. Here's what it says about us:

Original, creative and exceptionally passionate, at Jumping Spider we have the knowledge and ability to ensure each film’s style reflects its own unique wedding. We do not make old-fashioned wedding videos or follow a repetitive template; every film is different. Directors Alexis Anoyrkatis and Matt King are a partnership of award-winning professionals who have made, and still make, TV programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE and Sky. With over 10 years filming experience, expert editing knowledge and industry standard high definition equipment we are able to provide a high quality and creative service; building a distinctive film that is entertaining, eye opening and genuinely re-watchable. Few companies will go as far as we do on an edit, adding colour correction and special effects to create a film that evokes both the emotion and atmosphere of the wedding day.

What Makes Us Unique:

The opportunities for film are endless and we are one of the few companies in the UK pushing the boundaries of wedding videography. At Jumping Spider we believe anything is possible, anything is achievable; if you want a music video we can do that. If you want animation we can do that. If you want your wedding day filmed by 6 or more cameras, absolutely we can do that. If you want your film to look like it was shot on super 8; no problem. We have access to broadcast standard equipment and only use TV and film professionals. We are always looking to create unique films and every one of ours is different. We get incredible feedback from all our couples and are always on the look out to try something different. In the wedding industry it’s not only our name that’s unique our service is to.

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