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Auto-play video; Twitter, Facebook and the new world of Video streaming
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Why your business ought to think seriously about Auto-play video: Twitter follows Facebook in launching Auto-play video media streaming…

Video may have been responsible for killing the radio star – but as it seems no formal charges were ever brought – perhaps the realisation that it’s been the lifeline for Auto-play media, means maybe all is forgiven?

As Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all regularly vie for position as the worlds’ most popular social media platform, it’s no surprise that having moved on from pokes, posts and pictures they now have the capability to competently host and therefore seamlessly stream, high-quality HD videos.  Focusing on Twitter more specifically, this is big news for Jumping Spider Films’ corporate video clients, with some exciting statistics already being released.  As Twitter considers itself to be the premier platform for marketers they are ‘loudly’ confident in this case, exclaiming that the promotion of high quality, HD video clips improves brand awareness in three core areas; people (that could be new or existing clients or customers to you as well as us!) were two and a half times more likely to prefer Auto-play over other viewing methods (such as click-to-play media and video thumbnail previews), Auto-play is said to offer a better video recall rate (in fact a 14% uplift compared to other video formats) and last but not least, their research also suggested a massive seven fold increase in completion of promoted videos (meaning those who are automatically scrolling past an Auto-play clip are actually stopping to watch your video from start to finish), an invaluable finding for those who are tasked with the erm… task, of commissioning corporate video in the first place. 

So why are Jumping Spider Films telling you this…?  Well, because we are just the high-quality, affordable, super creative, widely experienced video production dynamos who can help you get one (or perhaps batch film a library of several) of these extremely watchable and easily viewable, web-based video clips in front of your online audience.  Specialising in corporate, creative, event, web-based and viral video, Jumping Spider Films are an experienced team of multi-skilled, video professionals; we script, produce, direct and edit and because of our unique, adaptable nature we can confidently offer a truly cost-effective, prestige video production service, whilst ensuring that we oversee each individual project first hand.  We regularly work with a trusted pool of amazing freelance animators and highly experienced camera operators whom we can call upon whenever is necessary; and with our fully-fledged sister company, Flying Spider Films - responsible for our aerial projects and drone videography - now successfully launched, we really do have all the angles covered, meaning we are happy to take on projects of any scope or size.

To talk to us about a new marketing or advertising direction your company might want to go in or even an existing concept that needs that extra bit of video production input, do get in touch with Jumping Spider Films today and see how we can bring your brand, product or corporate message closer to your audience, fans or followers with an exciting, informative and most importantly, automatic Auto-play video.

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