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Jumping Spider Films - Why did we choose do call ourselves Jumping Spider?
Jumping Spider Films

Why did we choose Jumping Spider Films? Why should you!

A top tip for when you’re googling us, remember to type out Jumping Spider Films in full, as much as we’re working on our exposure so that just the prefix is necessary, leaving off the ‘films’ bit means you just might encounter some altogether different images and not the slick, contemporary wedding videos you were searching for – leaving you to perhaps question why we chose such an unusual company name to begin with; it’s certainly proved a great conversation starter.

Everything about the salticidae arachnida lends it attributes to what we at Jumping Spider Films hope to boast about as a business, with a leading insects expert stating that if you look at a Jumping Spider it will look right back at you.  With the two largest of its four pairs of eyes the Jumping Spider is a creature renowned for having both excellent forward-facing as well as peripheral vision, they actually see in high resolution!  Described as small, scrappy and often fuzzy they regularly embrace their softer, more romantic side, engaging in elaborate courtship dances to attract a mate – that’s a handy thing for a wedding videographer to be able to relate to!  They’re nimble, can run, climb and of course jump, cleverly employing their dragline skills to return to their perch if needed and by using their unparalleled camouflage skills they easily blend discretely into their surroundings – seeing it all without being seen at all – another nifty trick if you’re the one charged with holding the video camera.

So to recap, at Jumping Spider Films we are determined to offer you not only supreme vision in terms of our creativity but also via the use of our professional, high definition equipment, shooting your wedding video, event reel, or corporate film using top of the range technology; and if you take the Jumping Spider’s four pairs of eyes as a lead, selecting a package which uses four camera operators will have the results speaking for themselves.  We’re small (we’re growing!) but still niche enough to really respect what it is you as a couple or as a client are trying to achieve, without lazily flogging you a bunch of off the peg, over-used ideas.  Our camera operators are trained to be swift, dexterous and efficient, flitting between location and camera post in order to ensure that the very best angles and visual perspectives are being captured and just like the Jumping Spider, our smart and unobtrusive nature means we get the job done in a completely inconspicuous fashion, something we find so important, particularly when it comes to wedding videography.

Aside from all of the above, have you ever seen anything more bespoke, more individual or more beautiful than that of a spider’s web?  At Jumping Spider Films, no two projects are ever the same yet all of them are either elegant, outstanding or simply perfectly functional, exactly as they were intended to be.


Stacy x

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