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Video Production | Creating Bespoke Video Solutions

It’s very rare that businesses come to us with a clear vision or concept of what that they’d like from a video. Understandably so. If you haven’t worked in the video production industry, then it can quite often be like talking in a foreign language. Most of us watch TV or films but unless we have an interest or passion about the art of film-making then often the intricacies of what’s gone into creating the programme is ignored as we are swept away in the entertainment of it all.

It’s not only the language of film-making that can prove alien but the costs and understanding them can prove overwhelming and confusing. You want the film in HD? Now how higher quality HD do you want? Do you want it to look like this…? Or this….? Do you want it in 4K? You should avoid SD now. But do you want to think about 360 video? The decision between those alone could mean a difference of hundreds of pounds a day. This is before you even consider graphics, animation, sound recording, editing, scripting, directing, multiple cameras, lighting, locations, actors, make-up, voice-over, subtitles, music licensing. The list could go on.

The importance of the brief, understanding the business and those first contacts with clients is crucial in comprehending the key demographic for the videos and what needs to be achieved from them. I’m going to move on to an example of how a business came to us with some ideas and a rough budget and how we achieved more than they were expecting within the budget they had available.

BSAVA – British Small Animal Veterinary Association

Gloucester based BSAVA wanted a number of videos made for the launch of their Professional Development resource bank for new vet graduates entering the field. This included tip videos, training videos and personal account videos. Their budget was relatively small but they had willing participants, locations and some members of the team ready to act as producers, script writers and auxiliary video production crew.

Now there is an element of risk to this method but from the start we were clear on costs, limitations and the risks involved from this approach and built up an excellent working relationship with the team at BSAVA. This meant that they could work on pre-production whilst running the odd question by us when they were unsure or needed a quick bit of guidance.

When creating the videos look we decided upon an approach that would look good visually but would also minimise time and crew and with that costs.

For example, the film shown above could have been shot any number of ways. Every shot could have been staged with Tracking and Steadicam shots helping to give the video high production values. The interviews could have taken place whilst the vets were in situ rather than static interviews. However, this would have involved a sound recordist and additional crew for the more elaborate shots. So, we decided to film it handheld creating a documentary style and a more intimate, personal feel. The interviews were filmed on 2 cameras and the sound recorded by a lapel microphone monitored by a BSAVA team member. Whilst not ideal, the whole video was shot by 1 Jumping Spider acting as director, sound recordist, lighting and camera-operator in 2 days.

Included in this 2 days we managed to capture footage and additional interviews that would go onto be used in other BSAVA videos. This was all achieved because the team at BSAVA were smart; they storyboarded and planned every minute of our filming time and it was also achieved because we went out of our way to make their vision a reality within the financial constraints they were working in.

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