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Vide-Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas…
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Vide-Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas…

You’re probably all choking on your mince pies at just how quickly Christmas has rolled around again, but one thing is for sure, digital cameras, 10 bazillion, mega-pixel smart-phones, tablets, iPads™, branded Bloggies™ and child-friendly Kidizoom™ gadgets will still be at top of all of our Christmas Wish Lists, as we continue to go wild for video.

It got us here at Jumping Spider Films thinking about just how much things have changed in relatively recent years, from physically posting Christmas Cards (now I’ve an inbox full of e-cards!) to being limited to 24 photographs per roll. Now technology has taken over and completely transformed how we capture what’s important to us and that’s where this Christmas-themed, subliminal marketing message comes into its own.

Videography is important, videography is influential and videography can be unforgettable.  Your favourite Christmas morning video clip, where you’d set up the camera, pressed the red button and perfectly captured the faces of your little ones excitedly opening their presents, or the late night Coca-Cola™ advert that you absent-mindedly caught on the television which left you humming, ‘Holidays are coming…’ for most of the following day; whether it’s something you meant to absorb purposefully or either by accident or coincidence, the right video, filmed in the right way – at the perfect location, with dynamic content, a meaningful soundtrack and a poignant message – makes  all the difference.

And so, the team at Jumping Spider Films are jingling our bells and dusting off our baubles, almost ready to enjoy another holiday season, leaving us with not much more to say other than to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… And remember once all the turkey has been eaten and the last cracker has been pulled, once it’s back to business in January, do get in touch with us to discuss how we can enhance your commercial development strategies for 2015– with vibrant video-marketing, creative corporate films, punchy internet shorts or bespoke instructional videos – it could be an exciting start to the New Year.

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