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Severn Trent Water Top Tips Videos
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The Top Tips Videos

The Education team at Severn Trent water approached us to make a series of videos called 'Top Tips'. The video's were to be aimed at water users of all ages; promoting the sensible use of water and our home environment in a fun and entertaining way.

We shot the series of creative videos over 2 days with Landon and Riley at their home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The saying goes don't work with kids and animals but these 2 boys were absolutely fantastic (although bribery did help us along the way!).

Made with a crew of 1, Matt, Director at Jumping Spider, the films were shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, with a simple lighting set-up. Under Matt's direction Landon and Riley were soon at ease and were happy in front of the camera.

The key to making these videos was to catch the moments in-between when the children were not being directed. The videos would not have worked if the boys had been directed to 'behave funny' in front of the camera. Matt also shot the films on the children's level, with the adult out of focus in the background; much like the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. This was essential in getting the intimate look and putting the kids at the centre of the video.

We made five Top Tips videos for Severn Trent Water with other video production companies using our format to make the rest of them. The videos we made were:

Don't Waste Water - Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.
Fats and Oils - Use a fat trap or a tin can to dispose of fats and oils.
Washing up - Fill up a bowl
Don't waste water - Only fill the kettle to how much water you need.
Toilet behaviour - Don't flush things down the toilet.

The Top Tips videos were great fun to film and edit. The music plays a big part in them and we used a track from the library of Audio Network.

We think the messages are clear and the videos are fun.

I know I won't be wasting water anymore.

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