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Stunning Hotel Videos - The Jumping Spider Process

Nothing can showcase a hotel like a stunningly made video. Photography has always been the mainstay of hotel promotion but with film-making becoming more affordable and with the ever growing presence of video hosting website's such as You-Tube is there really any better way to highlight the beauty and tranquillity of a luxury hotel than a well made video?

A beautifully made hotel video can go far beyond what a gallery of photos or a 360 tour video can achieve. A video can bring the hotel to life; it can capture the surroundings, the scenery, the details, the grand scale of the hotel, the rooms and it go past what a guest may usually see and showcase the process of food preparation, of fine dining, of guest care; spa's, massages and beyond. A well directed hotel video can allow the viewer to imagine they are there; they can picture themselves floating on the pool or relaxing in the gardens, reading in the rooms. It can inspire and make the viewer yearn to be there.

At Jumping Spider we have made a number of films for stunning boutique hotels in the UK and Europe. One example is the film we made for Chateau Mcely in Prague. Set to a beautiful piece of music the film captures the atmosphere and unique personality of the hotel. Taking in the scenery and using children, staff and actors to breathe life into the hotel video without taking away from the beauty of the location, and the grandness of the hotel.

Through careful pre-production and directing we were able to use the actors and staff in settings without taking the viewers attention away from the hotel itself. The actors and staff are never really in full view or in a distracting position; often they are out of focus or shot at an angle. The key to making this hotel video was to use the  tranquillity of the location; to make the viewer feel that the Chateau looks like a place to relax and unwind and also a place to be explored and admired.

Another different example and process of film-making is the video we made for the 5* luxury Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest, Hampshire. This was a bit different in that we were commissioned to create a video not for the hotel but for a part of the hotel called the Herb House.  The Herb House features a restaurant, spa, gym and pool and it was our aim to put these different parts of the house into one video making it beautifully watchable and not jarring as it flows between locations. By shooting on steadicams and dolly tracks under the direction of Jumping Spider we created a specific look to the hotel video. The video drifts around the locations and through the Herb House capturing all the different aspects using models and action to add depth and life to the hotel.

Every hotel is a little different and they all have their own quirks and vibes. Through discussions with people that work at the hotels and with guests we take the essence of the hotel and work hard to create a look for our hotel videos  that truly reflect the hotel in all its glory. We hope and believe they have the desired effect on the viewer.

Take a look for yourselves at our hotel videos:

Chateau Mcely

The Lime Wood Hotel

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