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How on earth do people do it every day?! Travelling in and out of inner London is certainly not for the faint-hearted but at Jumping Spider Films we really enjoyed rising to the transport challenge, on a mission to meet with one of our potential corporate clients to discuss their corporate video production needs.

Whilst I battled half way there in the car (thanks for nothing Sat-Nav, in future I’ll mentally double your wildly inaccurate estimated journey time!) I eventually gave up and continued in on the Tube; Matt was left at the mercy of a service-cancellation loving train operator, twiddling his thumbs for half an hour until he was finally aboard and chugging his way into town.  Not to worry too much as akin to the organisation and perfect planning and production of all of our Jumping Spider Films corporate video projects, we had of course factored in these small hiccups and  still arrived in plenty of time not to appear harassed and breathless in front of our corporate clients.  That is until, feeling enthusiastic, I decided to eschew the lift and take the stairs – missing the one small detail picked up by Matt (see, that’s why we’re such a good team) - the fact that the client offices were on the third floor, I’m sure I heard him chuckling just a little as I gasped for breath around level two…

So into the meeting we went and that’s where the creative juices really started to flow…  Discussing potential corporate video production ideas for prospective clients is where Jumping Spider Films really comes into its own; sometimes clients have a really in-depth idea of what they want their visual media to be, they’re happy to produce their own script, suggest locations and even a preliminary shot list, whereas others present us with a completely blank canvas on which to sketch out a really detailed video production plan, based on the understanding of their needs which we absorb following developing a working relationship with them. 

Either scenario is a great opportunity for us; it’s brilliant when a client has a vision in mind, we can apply our pre-production, direction, filming, post-production and editing skills to an already very strong concept, adding that professional media polish which gives their corporate video production project that extra shine, or we can use our creativity and experience to analyse exactly what your business requires – producing a detailed quote breakdown for a specific project such as a sector spotlight or case study, as well as providing a glossary of future video production projects that your company might want to consider in the future. 

So whether it’s a Home Page Address Video, Training or Induction Videos, Instructional or Advisory Media, an Internal or External Business or Health and Safety Campaign, Communications Based Videocasts, Sector Services or CEO Address Web Shorts, Jumping Spider Films have the project you didn’t even know you needed but now you know you want, completely covered; corporate video production services, expertly delivered by multi-skilled, talented professionals with the ability to direct and produce, clean, clever and creative corporate videos.  

Get in touch if you would like more info about our corporate and creative video service.

Image supplied by our animator friend Nick-Murray Willis from an advert for Actimel.

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