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JSF & the year of the Corporate Video

Is it a coincidence that just as one and a half billion people worldwide celebrate Chinese New Year, we at Jumping Spider Films are welcoming The Year of the Corporate Video; we think not! Look closer and you’ll see that this lunar moon heralds the year of the monkey, so… think monkey, think monkey business, think business, think corporate, think corporate, think corporate video, think corporate video, think, you guessed it, Jumping Spider Films! And breathe! And relax!

But what do we really mean when we say that this year, Jumping Spider Films are focusing more on our corporate video projects?  Well exactly that.  Don’t worry, for any of you die-hard wedding videography fans out there, we’ve still taken on plenty of wedding videography bookings, meaning our cool, classy and contemporary wedding video library will still be in strong supply but for the next twelve months we’d really like to turn our attention towards corporate video production and all that goes along with it.

We’re talking Web Films, Corporate Films, Creative Films, if you need it, we want to film it; and we don’t just want to film it! We want to brainstorm it, develop it, storyboard it, script it, produce it, film it, edit it and release it! 

Whether your business is large or small, new or established, just launching or celebrating an anniversary and you are looking to produce some original, innovative and creative corporate video, get in touch with Jumping Spider Films today and let’s talk about your requirements.  What will work for you?  A website address video, a promotional or viral video, a training or induction video, do you want to capture an event or an exhibition, shoot a brand showcase or some fresh marketing material, or perhaps something completely different not even we have come up with yet; Jumping Spider Films are happy to come on board at any stage of your project and offer you our expertise and experience.

With a solid television background working with major channels and popular TV networks, a glut of experience and extensive contacts with professionals throughout the video production industry, the team at Jumping Spider Films have the expertise, aptitude and relationships to create videos of any scope or size.

Aside from our technical credentials, a wealth of sector experience has also been gained across the board, with members of our team having worked in the legal, construction, development and event management industries, meaning that we truly understand the importance of customer relations and client-facing media.

So knowing what you know now, the next step is to drop us a line, or an email, or fill in our contact form and we can have a chat about how Jumping Spider Films can add that special bit of corporate video production shine to your next corporate video project.

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