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Corporate Videos… our business helps you with your business.

At Jumping Spider Films, the corporate video side of things is something we can help with. We’re slightly off-beat, we don’t have a board-room and we don’t wear pin-striped suits to the office but hey, don’t hold that against us, it’s a good thing! We’re different and so we want to approach what your business needs in a bold and exciting way; we’re always looking for the newest, most effective methods of producing clean, current and creative corporate video to capture and engage your customer audience.

The world of procurement has changed, the Yellow Pages (other good but old-fashioned telephone directories are available) is getting thinner and thinner and we now do most of it online; the verb ‘to Google’ has made it into the dictionary and even if we find what we think we’re searching for straight away, we don’t really want (or have the time) to read about it, clicking on drop-down menus and scrolling through pages, the age of video-marketing is upon us, people are ready to respond to video.

So how can we help you?  Well our highly experienced, talented team are on hand to discuss and develop any initial ideas you might have or even to enhance a highly established concept, almost ready to go; we can get on board with you to plan and design the short video that’s going to successfully set you apart from your competitors.  We’ll work closely with you to determine what you need, what is the best, most effective means of translating what you do, what you sell or what you provide as a service or as a product based business and then we’ll convert our energy and resources into directing, producing and editing a video in a modern, user-friendly format.  We’re going to get the right shots, from the right angles, we can add short bursts of text, maybe a really punchy (think Box of Brushes) or elegant (that’ll be Chateau Mcely) soundtrack and then work our movie magic so that your film is a lot more than just us pointing a camera and shooting a video of your CEO in front of a bland meeting-room wall.

We also know that something ultra-hip isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes what you do does have to be captured in a professional, instructional or advisory format, we can do this too – we might still advise dialling up the unique, adding a bit of creative flair and pushing for a little bit of cool; take the team at Severn Trent Water for example, we worked with their education department to produce a really informative short film about water treatment processes, edited to suit both child and adult audiences individually - but they still let us have our fun - we really enjoyed creating the concept and making the Top Tips videos such as Don't Waste Water! that have been so well received by Severn Trent Water and schools throughout the country; it’s a perfect example of how we can take something serious and make it into a really, fresh, approachable and most importantly, entertaining video.

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