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Celebrate Your Video…

Come out, come out wherever you are… now when it comes to hide and seek, we at Jumping Spider Films know all about it, with more kids amongst the team than legs on arachnids, barely a week goes by without us not being able to find one or two of them, well not straight away anyhow. Under the bed, behind the curtains, even, rather inventively, a five minute plus stint in the en-suite shower cubicle - but it’s when they find a new hidey space that panic can really start to creep in. So it does sort of beg the question, shouldn’t we all just play out in the open?

At Jumping Spider Films we feel the same way about video, particularly when it comes to your website, why so cloak and dagger?  We’ve noticed that some of you out there in the corporate world have been doing all sorts of funny things with your professional media; like why have you hidden a really current news story behind a non-animated hyperlink, under a bland, unassuming tab, or how comes you’ve gone and buried your brand showcase under an almost invisible, barely imperceptible About Us button, only a Borrower with a magnifying glass could find.  You should instead be shouting about your services, belting out your brand and preaching about your products.  We want to convince you to start celebrating your video? 

There are plenty of little hints and tips we can offer to make your web video stand out, from popping the internationally recognised ‘play me’ symbol (otherwise known as the forward facing triangle) atop an eye-catching graphic, to discussing the advantages of auto-play versus click-to-play media as and when users visit and then re-visit your site; either way, we’re in the camp that firmly believes if you’ve got good video (and trust us, nowadays it does need to be good video!) it works better when it’s front and centre. 

If your audience has to multi-click across sub-sub-and-more-sub-headings or in Dorey’s voice (again, too many kids not to have watched a boatload of Finding Nemo), ‘Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling,’ to get the bottom of the page, your customers are ultimately having to really search for what they were only quickly trying to find.  So, what’s to stop them from looking on a competitor’s site where the visual media grabs their attention right from the home page?  At Jumping Spider Films we are specialists in producing, directing and editing creative web shorts; as over 50% of all web traffic is now linked to video - designed to raise your website profile, increase your hit count and instantly create a dynamic dialogue with your customers - why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can work with you to create something clean, catchy and concise which captures the essence of your business and, oh-so-importantly to your users, is just a hop, skip and a click away.

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