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Box of Brushes - A creative video by Jumping Spider Films. Shot in Bournemouth.
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Box of Brushes - Anthony's box of tricks

I love Alexis's hair. It's thick and wavy, the type of hair that looks good without product enhancement. It flows naturally high and wide, it glistens in the sunlight and sparkles under the stars. I've always wondered how he achieved the look and was quite frankly devastated when he told me it was all down to a hair product named Salty Dog.

He told me it was recommended to him by his Bournemouth hairdresser Anthony and that it is suppose to give the look of having 'just stepped out of the sea'. I laughed, and pointed. A lot. There were a few things I laughed at: 1. He had his own hairdresser. 2. He was using a product called Salty Dog to make his hair look like he had just stepped out of the sea. The man spends most of his time in an edit suite and I for one preferred the 'just stepped out of the edit suite' look.  Anyway I bring this up as this is how Alexis introduced me to his hairdresser Anthony.

Anthony had been cultivating his own ideas outside of his seaside salon in Dorset and was in the advance stages of designing a product which he called 'Box of Brushes'.  It was a great idea and Anthony was a great personality to sell with the product (his own words); he wanted to make a film to promote his product (and himself) to potential investors. During Alexis' visits to the salon in sunny Bournemouth an entire film and video concept had evolved and by the time I was introduced they already had a script and shooting schedule.

To keep costs as low as possible Anthony took on the role of writer, producer and wheeler dealer. By offering free haircuts and calling in favours to Bournemouth locals he managed to find 2 suitable locations, a model, a photographer, props and a professional voice-over artist. All we had to do was make the video. It's safe to say that this was one of our favourite creative film-making experiences of all time. If he gets tired of hairdressing, Anthony would make a very very good producer.

Box of brushes was shot on 2 cameras using a few lights and a glide track. All effects were added in the edit. The film was shot in one very long day.

Box of Brushes

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