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All out Swim video at Cheltenham Lido
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All out Swim @ Cheltenham Lido

It was not only a wonderful day to be part of but also a real privilege to be asked to film a swimathon for the renowned Macmillan Cancer trust at Cheltenham Lido. The participants were numerous and the weather was uncharacteristically sunny – the water too was perhaps warmer than many of them were expecting. Filming these heroes stretching themselves to the limit all in the name of charity was inspiring and a 30 second promo video doesn’t have time to justify the effort that individuals put into the day, but if it helps to inspire just a few individuals to pick up their goggles then it was worth the time.

The Macmillan All Out Swim team approached us with a clear idea of what they wanted from the films and, as you’d expect, a tight budget. It was up to us at Jumping Spider to eak out as much creativity as we possibly could with the financial constraints. There were sacrifices – they wanted a drone shot – but the price was not viable for the limited shots achievable by drone. A skeleton crew of 2 was used to capture video, sound and a handy little go-pro on a stick was used to get those underwater shots.

Again, due to budget constraints, the editing was limited to just a simple edit with no graphics or animation and the music used is library music; the cost of using a popular track or specially composed track was prohibitive. The images themselves are enough to carry the message across in these videos however. The effort, elation and positive atmosphere really comes across just by building the videos in the right way and by using key expressions of those involved.

It was a great experience for the Jumping Spider crew, not enough for me to grab my speedos (I struggle to swim a length), but enough for us to want to support and encourage anyone that participates in these all out swims. It was my first visit to Cheltenham Lido and what a surprise. It’s a beautiful little spot and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Gloucestershire or the Cotswolds on a hot day.

Check out the videos we made for Macmillan at Cheltenham Lido above.

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