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Gloucester Business Video - Adept Precision

Showcasing a Business at its best

It’s not often that businesses come to us with a blank canvas. I can count on one hand the amount of times someone has said to me; you’re the film-maker, you tell us what to do for this video. In the case of Adept Precision in Gloucester that’s exactly what they said.

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All out Swim video at Cheltenham Lido

All out Swim @ Cheltenham Lido

It was not only a wonderful day to be part of but also a real privilege to be asked to film a swimathon for the renowned Macmillan Cancer trust at Cheltenham Lido. The participants were numerous and the weather was uncharacteristically sunny – the water too was perhaps warmer than many of them were expecting. Filming these heroes stretching themselves to the limit all in the name of charity was inspiring and a 30 second promo video doesn’t have time to justify the effort that individuals put into the day, but if it helps to inspire just a few individuals to pick up their goggles then it was worth the time.

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Video Production | working with clients to create bespoke videos

Video Production | Creating Bespoke Video Solutions

It’s very rare that businesses come to us with a clear vision or concept of what that they’d like from a video. Understandably so. If you haven’t worked in the video production industry, then it can quite often be like talking in a foreign language. Most of us watch TV or films but unless we have an interest or passion about the art of film-making then often the intricacies of what’s gone into creating the programme is ignored as we are swept away in the entertainment of it all.

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Jumping Spider Films are specialists in producing, directing and editing creative web shorts.

Celebrate Your Video…

Come out, come out wherever you are… now when it comes to hide and seek, we at Jumping Spider Films know all about it, with more kids amongst the team than legs on arachnids, barely a week goes by without us not being able to find one or two of them, well not straight away anyhow. Under the bed, behind the curtains, even, rather inventively, a five minute plus stint in the en-suite shower cubicle - but it’s when they find a new hidey space that panic can really start to creep in. So it does sort of beg the question, shouldn’t we all just play out in the open?

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Severn Trent Water Top Tips Videos

The Top Tips Videos

The Education team at Severn Trent water approached us to make a series of videos called 'Top Tips'. The video's were to be aimed at water users of all ages; promoting the sensible use of water and our home environment in a fun and entertaining way.

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Beautiful Hotel Videos by Jumping Spider Films

Stunning Hotel Videos - The Jumping Spider Process

Nothing can showcase a hotel like a stunningly made video. Photography has always been the mainstay of hotel promotion but with film-making becoming more affordable and with the ever growing presence of video hosting website's such as You-Tube is there really any better way to highlight the beauty and tranquillity of a luxury hotel than a well made video?

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Jumping Spider Films - Corporate videos and how our company can help yours grow.

Corporate Videos… our business helps you with your business.

At Jumping Spider Films, the corporate video side of things is something we can help with. We’re slightly off-beat, we don’t have a board-room and we don’t wear pin-striped suits to the office but hey, don’t hold that against us, it’s a good thing! We’re different and so we want to approach what your business needs in a bold and exciting way; we’re always looking for the newest, most effective methods of producing clean, current and creative corporate video to capture and engage your customer audience.

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Jumping Spider Films - Why did we choose do call ourselves Jumping Spider?

Why did we choose Jumping Spider Films? Why should you!

A top tip for when you’re googling us, remember to type out Jumping Spider Films in full, as much as we’re working on our exposure so that just the prefix is necessary, leaving off the ‘films’ bit means you just might encounter some altogether different images and not the slick, contemporary wedding videos you were searching for – leaving you to perhaps question why we chose such an unusual company name to begin with; it’s certainly proved a great conversation starter.

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Vide-Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas…

Vide-Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas…

You’re probably all choking on your mince pies at just how quickly Christmas has rolled around again, but one thing is for sure, digital cameras, 10 bazillion, mega-pixel smart-phones, tablets, iPads™, branded Bloggies™ and child-friendly Kidizoom™ gadgets will still be at top of all of our Christmas Wish Lists, as we continue to go wild for video.

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Box of Brushes - A creative video by Jumping Spider Films. Shot in Bournemouth.

Box of Brushes - Anthony's box of tricks

I love Alexis's hair. It's thick and wavy, the type of hair that looks good without product enhancement. It flows naturally high and wide, it glistens in the sunlight and sparkles under the stars. I've always wondered how he achieved the look and was quite frankly devastated when he told me it was all down to a hair product named Salty Dog.

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Corporate videos, creating ideas, working with Jumping Spider Films.

Jumping Spider Films means business!

How on earth do people do it every day?! Travelling in and out of inner London is certainly not for the faint-hearted but at Jumping Spider Films we really enjoyed rising to the transport challenge, on a mission to meet with one of our potential corporate clients to discuss their corporate video production needs.

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Severn Trent Water Top Tips - A fat tramp and a tin can?

Top Tips - A fat tramp and a tin can...

Back in 2012 a friend of my wife's saw a short video on facebook I had made with my son talking about his first day of school. She loved the film, and working in the education team at Severn Trent Water it gave her an idea. She thought the style would make a great series of short videos featuring kids promoting different Water Saving tips and other advice. She approached me about making these films and I agreed. Severn Trent came up with the Top Tips and it was up to us at Jumping Spider to make them into short entertaining clips. Coming up with the concepts was the easy part. Making the videos was a little trickier....

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Corporate videos in Cheltenham Gloucester

JSF & the year of the Corporate Video

Is it a coincidence that just as one and a half billion people worldwide celebrate Chinese New Year, we at Jumping Spider Films are welcoming The Year of the Corporate Video; we think not! Look closer and you’ll see that this lunar moon heralds the year of the monkey, so… think monkey, think monkey business, think business, think corporate, think corporate, think corporate video, think corporate video, think, you guessed it, Jumping Spider Films! And breathe! And relax!

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Designer Showcase by Jumping Spider Films

Designer Showcase - The White Rose Bridal Boutique

We often get asked to film events around the country and unfortunately we don't always have the time to spare but when Danielle from the White Rose Bridal Boutique came calling and asking us to film her Johanna Hehir Designer showcase in the Cotswolds it was very hard to say no.

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Cotswolds Wedding Video