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Jumping Spider Films
Jumping Spider Films

Our team are made up of experienced professionals who not only know how to pilot drones but know how to capture shots and provide a slick, high quality service to our clients.

Mark - Jumping Spider Films


After working in Television for 14 years as both a Cameraman and Editor for all the main broadcasters, the arrival of UAV technology really got Mark excited. He’s been a self confessed ‘RC geek’ since a young age so this was the perfect combination. He is now a fully licenced, CAA Approved, UAV Pilot. His background in Television means he is passionate about creating the very best result in everything he does. Every shot the team and he records must be up to Broadcast standard, no matter what the purpose.

Matt - Jumping Spider Films


Matt has worked in TV and film and is the Founder and Director of Jumping Spider Films, the mothership to the drones. Matt is a producer, director, cameraman, editor and published writer with a huge passion for both film-making and football. He likes to point out to anyone that listens that he is not an RC geek like most of the team but the one with a directors eye. Nobody listens.

Paul - Jumping Spider Films


As an extremely experienced RC pilot, Paul brings a huge amount of experience and expertise to our team. He’s been flying model planes all his life and RC Aircraft for the past 15 years. Paul has been involved in the UAV/Drone world since the beginning and has built over 20 craft from the ground up. One of the first to pass the BNUC-S licence Paul knows pretty much everything there is to know about this new and exciting industry. He’s already worked on many exciting projects for various corporate and Television broadcast companies.

John - Jumping Spider Films


John first started at the BBC in 1969 and has worked in Broadcasting ever since.  Having always had a passion for photography and film, he has also built and operated RC models from a young age. John’s knowledge, experience and skill is invaluable to keeping our company at the top of it’s game.

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