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Jumping Spider Films
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***Jumping Spider are known as Flying Spider in the drone world. No, we don't have a thing for spiders. It's just a name.....

Not just for decades but for centuries now man has coveted the freedom of flying and seeing his world from above, whether you’re talking superheroes, jumbo jets or commercially chartered inter-galactic crafts we’re obsessed with being up in the air.

The views, the angles, the detail, the landscape, all can now able be captured as magical moving images by a high-resolution, high-definition camera lens. With over 14 years broadcasting experience working for BBC1, ITV, CH4, CH5, SKY TV and more, our professional operators know exactly what the client needs and precisely which shots will achieve it.

Our Pilots are all fully CAA Approved and licenced. Our highly sophisticated, market-leading equipment is meticulously maintained and fully insured - meaning hire fees and additional warrantees aren't usually necessary. Their size and manoeuvrability ensures we can achieve the shots you need, making drone and UAV technology a viable filming option (and an affordable alternative to helicopters - remember those old TV traffic reports!).

Our work has been featured on Paul Mertons Secret Stations (Channel 4), What to buy and Why (BBC2), Car SOS (National Geographic), Inside the Ambulance (Watch) and on various features on The One Show (BBC1).


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